Hands of Steel

"Hands of Steel" is my personal dedication to George Lawrence Stone, Joe Morello, Billy Gladstone, Sanford Moeller, Anthony Cirone and Charlie Wilcoxin.

Less known and now sadly long out of print (to my knowledge) is a book based on paradiddle mixed stickings by Dave Tough; who is best known as one of the first call drummers of the big band era; his book is much less well known than those of the other great drummers I have mentioned here and it is because of this that I begin "Hands of Steel" with exercises in the style of this great big band drummer ...

... my way of trying to pass on the ideas of Dave Tough's book as I remember it .....

2011 ... revised and updated!

The book deals with the full use of paradiddle inversions, the single tap, double tap and press, flams, drags, ruffs and rolls, full use of Moeller whip strokes, Gladstone finger control along with extensive use of dynamic levels along with odd times (27/8 ??) and odd note groupings as well as a collection of 16 orchestral snare drum solos for concerts and recitals.

I started out by writing a "homage" to a long out of print paradiddle book by jazz great Dave Tough in 2005, but then I went bananas! It has become an advanced book beginning at Grade Five level (VCE/HSC equivalent) and moving on to University and Tertiary levels.

Think of Stone, Morello, Tough, Wilcoxin and Cirone and your on the right track!

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