The Numbers Game

The Numbers Game

$25 Australian plus postage

"One-2-Twenty" as presented on Melbourne Musos episodes 278, 279, 493-5 deal with the number of notes you can play "per beat" ..... our most popular notes are crotchets, quavers, semi-quavers, minims, semi-breves .... why should they have all the fun???

I have a new book available called "The Numbers Game" ... it comprises an explanation of the "subdivisions" of notes, studies and eight advanced solos. It is a companion book to the Grades Five to Eight MMDC Drumset manuals dealing with groupings of notes such as quintuplets, septuplets, nonuplets, and onwards and upwards to 10's, 11's 12's .... you get the picture ...

These note groupings are the territory of artists such as Frank Zappa, King Crimson, Dream Theater and Igor Stravinsky.

The Numbers Game takes a good look at these note groupings and applies a method in which to methodically break down the groupings so that they are no longer a mystery.

Watch Melbourne Musos mm493 - The Numbers Game